We are excited to announce our 2018 Centre for Human Dignity Forums.

7pm at the Small Auditorium, QB Centre, 53 Prospect Road, Gaythorne

Over 4 dates throughout the year, we will be hosting Forums to enable engagement on issues that impact on our Human Dignity.

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Forum Dates:


13 November 2018
6:30PM for dessert & coffee, 7PM program start.
'Porn, Pop Culture and the Imago Dei.' with Paul Ninnes


Paul Ninnes


Pornography (and the sexualisation of culture) is shaping the thoughts, relationships and hearts of today’s digital natives. But just how deep an impact is the sexualised and digitalised world of today having and have we even considered the full personal and social implications? This forum will explore how the cornucopia of sexual and social interactions available to humankind is having a deep effect on human dignity and relationships.

ABOUT PAUL: Paul is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Real Talk International. He uses his powerful life story and fifteen years ministry experience to present the life-changing Real Talk message. Paul was awarded “Professional Leader of the Year” in 2014. He has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and postgraduate qualifications in Sexual Health and Theology.





 27 March 2018

'The Problem with Pornography' with Dr Robi Sonderegger

Clinical Psychologist | International Speaker | Author


Dr Robi Sonderegger

...Australia’s public health issue no one wants to talk about...

Pornography is a social and physical toxin that destroys relationships, steals innocence, erodes compassion, breeds violence, and kills love. But there is an answer...

Join special guest speaker Dr Robi Sonderegger as he explores the Problem with Pornography and focuses on real solutions for those who have been impacted by or struggle with this issue. 

Centre for Human Dignity Director, Wendy Francis, will also facilitate a Q&A session with Dr Robi to address additional questions. 

ABOUT DR ROBI: As a compelling, passionate and highly entertaining presenter, Dr Robi is best known for combining the best of science and scripture in his messages that are actively designed to equip and empower participants.

Dr Robi Sonderegger is a Clinical Psychologist renowned for taking psychology from the frontline to the home front™.


12 June 2018 | 6:30pm for dessert and coffee, 7pm start

'Seeing the online world through your child's eyes' with Collett Smart

Psychologist | Teacher | Lecturer | Author

Colette_Image.jpegCollett Smart

Join the Centre for Human Dignity's Wendy Francis and special guest speaker; child and adolescent psychologist and parenting expert, Collett Smart, as they provide strategies for increasing resilience against some of the toxic culture our children are exposed to online.

Collett will explore: 

  • the brain of a young person, highlighting how what they see and do, in all areas of life, affects their mental, physical and social development. 
  • how you can help your child develop positive media and technology habits, and encourage healthy development into adulthood
  • the risks without the panic – sexualised media, online bullying, social networking and inappropriate content
  • practical recommendations for maintaining boundaries at home

ABOUT COLLETT: Collett has more than 20 years experience working in private and public schools, as well as in private practice.  She appears regularly on national television and radio, as an expert in teen and family issues. Collett has taught and delivered psychology workshops and seminars around the world, including Australia, the UK and Africa. Collett is an Ambassador for International Justice Mission Australia and is mum to 3 children, aged 10, 15 and 17 years old.



11 September 2018 - 
'Preventing the Preventable' with Hetty Johnston

Bravehearts Founder | Child Advocate | Lobbyist


Hetty Johnston



Join the Centre for Human Dignity's Wendy Francis and special guest speaker; Bravehearts founder and child advocate, Hetty Johnston, as they discuss the implications of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse for the church, and ask the hard questions of what it means for us to follow Christ today in a world that is understandably disillusioned with the church, and yet needs the message of Jesus more than ever before. 

ABOUT HETTY: A born lobbyist, Hetty is a woman of passion and determination who has succeeded in highlighting the crime of paedophilia and child sexual assault to media, families, schools and the general community both nationally and internationally.

Her vision, leadership and downright tenacity has enabled Hetty to literally change the way we deal with child sexual assault in this country.

Not one to hope that things ‘will change in due course’, Hetty has forged a path in the area of child protection that dozens of organisations now follow.