Language warning - This blog has distasteful and sexually explicit language

Wicked Campers has sunk to a new low in sexually graphic language on our roads in view of everyone, including children despite being illegal in Queensland, according to the Australian Christian Lobby.

“While the Queensland Government led the nation with new laws to stop this type of behavior, Wicked Campers have shown they don’t care and there are no penalties that will make them,” ACL’s Centre for Human Dignity director Wendy Francis said.




“This is an excerpt of the latest vile message plastered on a Wicked Camper seen in Maroochydore.

“It’s Queensland registration plates mean the Queensland Government can take it off the road if Wicked Campers refuse to remove text and images within 14 days as they are in breach of the Advertisers Code of Ethics.

“Based in Brisbane, Wicked Campers are repeat offenders of these laws.  In March this year the Ad Standards upheld the 79th complaint against the company since 2012,” Mrs Francis said.

“Wicked Campers disdain of community standards is obvious as they continue to promote sexist, obscene, misogynist and offensive slogans.

“For too long Wicked Campers has ignored calls from Ad Standards to keep its slogans in line with community standards. This latest example is another fail for our advertising standards system which is completely inadequate in ensuring community standards are upheld.

“It is time for the State Government to step in and implement significant financial penalties for repeat offenders such as Wicked Campers. 

“Allowing them to flout the existing system and continue to pollute our public spaces with their degrading messages is completely indefensible.   

“One thing the #MeToo movement has significantly changed is the public’s awareness and understanding of the negative impact that sexualised messaging has, particularly on women and children.”