Parents would welcome the socially responsible decision by Cineplex Theatres not to release the Show Dogs movie as part of their holiday line-up. 

The controversial movie is due for release in Australia on July 5 after superficial editing was done in reaction to a massive backlash over the inappropriate sexual and potential grooming content in its storyline.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s Centre for Human Dignity says the Cineplex Theatres were the first to respond to the current campaign and pull it from their list of holiday movies and they are sticking by that decision. They are to be congratulated.

According to Centre for Human Dignity director Wendy Francis, this was in stark contrast to the Australian Classification Board which has displayed a complete lack of awareness in its commentary on this film.

“The naivety of the Australian Classifications Board to decide that scenes which feature genital touching, waxing of genitals and going to a happy place to the tune of “Sexy and I know it” are not sexual in nature is astounding,” Mrs Francis said.

“This movie contains an extremely dangerous message and has the disturbing potential of causing harm to children and adults alike who have experienced abuse.

“Parents and concerned groups such as the Centre for Human Dignity are calling for all Australian theatres to follow the example of Cineplex, to put our children’s welfare over profits, and not release this film.

“We also call on the Australian Classification Board to reconsider their unhelpful and inaccurate comments about this film.”

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