Just when you thought it couldn’t get harder to protect your children from adult content, Hollywood presents a new talking dog movie ‘Show Dogs’. Due for release in Australian movie theatres in July, coinciding with school holiday time, this movie is raising the most liberated eyebrows with its thinly veiled grooming theme.

Max the talking police dog is sent undercover as a show dog. To fulfil his mission and win the competition, Max must submit, albeit unwillingly, to having his private parts fondled by his partner so that he gets used to it, and then by the judge who is a complete stranger.

The underlying storyline throughout this disturbing film is that sometimes you just have to submit to having your private parts touched in order to get where you want to get. Sounds very similar to women submitting, albeit unwillingly, to being groped by powerful men in order to get the role #MeToo. Except this is a child’s movie!

In the final scenes of ‘Show Dogs’ when the audience is waiting and watching to see if Max will retain his dignity or will submit to having his private parts touched for the sake of the prize, the judge’s hands reach… and Max, in a classic coping mechanism understood by anyone who has been abused, goes to his “zen place”. In his mind, while being fondled, he flies through the sky, dances with his partner, there are fireworks, flowers, happiness, set to the pop song “Sexy and I Know It” – all while his private parts are being touched by a stranger - something he dreaded and did not want under any circumstances. How this was included in a kids talking dog movie is beyond comprehension.

The message we want our children to hear, whether overt or even subliminal, is that they can say no! and that you do not have to let bad things happen to you, or let people touch you, just because someone tells you so, or to get a prize! If there was ever a time when it was ok to use the phrase “can someone please think of the children” it is now.



Email Senator Mitch Fifield - Federal Minister overseeing Classification Australia – calling on him to have the film classified as M for Mature Audiences due to the dark and disturbing messaging contained in the film.  


WRITE TO THEATRES who are already promoting this movie calling on them not to release it –

Event Cinemas - contactus@eventcinemas.com.au

Village Cinemas - contactus@village-cinemas.com

Cineplex Theatres - Cineplex have cancelled their release of 'Show Dogs'. Please thank Cineplex! -https://www.cineplex.com.au/ContactUs



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Do NOT go to this movie – not even to check it out!

Movies rely on numbers – we have to send the message loud and clear that THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.