Why is it…?

Why is it that taking your child to buy new clothes at your local shopping centre now exposes them to thinly veiled pornographic images plastered on the shopfront of national brands?

Or that driving down the highway may mean having to explain strip clubs and adult entertainment to your 5-year-old son?

Or that an ad for a national mechanic results in a conversation with your daughter about why portraying women as being ‘dumb but beautiful’ is offensive to all girls.

Outdoor Ads – Open all hours

There is a great divide between the ‘time delayed’ mature content that is shown on television compared to the ‘open all hours’ advertising that children are exposed to while going about their everyday lives.

The Centre for Human Dignity will take up the fight to ensure that all outdoor advertising should be G-rated - appropriate for viewing by children and free from sexualised images and messages.

For General Consumption

Outdoor advertising is, by its location, an advertising medium of general consumption. It is on display all day and cannot be turned off, or tuned out. A G-rating for all outdoor advertising is the only approach that will be inclusive of all. 

Outdoor advertising should be G

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence of the short and long-term effects on children of viewing sexualising and objectifying images and the influence this advertising has on their cognitive functioning, physical and mental health, sexuality, attitudes and beliefs about their own worth.

Childhood should be a time of joy and innocence;
they should have the right to this.

The Centre for Human Dignity urges the government to consider the failure of the advertising industry to adequately self-regulate to a threshold that upholds community standards, and to look at stronger regulatory options,” Ms Francis said.