The Australian Christian Lobby’s Centre for Human Dignity held its first of four forums last night in Brisbane to a capacity crowd.

As well as being a renowned clinical psychologist, Dr Robi Sonderegger is a fabulous communicator who is sought after around the world. We were privileged to have him come and address the difficult topic of Pornography – What’s the problem?

And perhaps more importantly, what are the solutions?

Dr Sondereggeri shared shocking statistics that revealed the average first age of exposure to pornography is around 11 years old. But there is hope. Through a quick lesson on the function of the brain, Dr Sondereggeri spoke of personal responsibility and the importance of family and community.

The Centre’s first research document – “Pornography as a Public Health Issue” was also launched. This important research will be delivered to every Australian Member of Parliament as well as Directors General in Health and Education.

The research touches on what we all intuitively know, but we often conveniently ignore – most mainstream pornography celebrates and normalises sexual behaviours which would otherwise be recognised as pathological.

Pornography is damaging relationships, society, and perhaps most devastating of all, it is endangering our children.

In 2015, the Australian Federal Police receive over 11,000 online child exploitation reports. A 2017 report released by Anti-Slavery Australia (a specialist legal research and policy centre located in the Faculty of Law at Sydney’s University of Technology) into online child exploitation in our country describes child exploitation as “a pandemic”. International data found that 69 per cent of child exploitation victims are aged 10 or under. Most victims are never even able to be identified.

The Centre for Human Dignity is fighting back against the acceptance of pornography as normal. Dr Robi made the observation that 50 years ago, smoking was acceptable and normal, while pornography was a ‘dirty’ habit and bad. Fast forward to today and the tables have turned. With the help of the Centre’s new research paper and the many supporters around the nation, we aim to have pornography recognised as a public health issue.

Last night’s attendance was an encouraging first step.

 Comments from the attendees last night included:

“Great event. I’m thankful that my boys and I could attend an event like that. God bless”. “Great night – looking forward to the next seminar”.

“Such an awesome first forum. I found it insightful, equipping and interesting. Loved how Dr Robi communicated in an accessible way about this heavy topic. Many notes were taken. Thanks so much!”.


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Click here for a copy of the new research paper, Pornography as a public health issue.