Did you hear that the Queensland government has decided, for the sake of our children’s well-being, to prevent junk food advertising from appearing around public schools, sports centres, community recreation venues and other government-owned and operated facilities including public transport hubs?


If the government can ban junk food advertising - they can definitely ban sexualised advertising!

Although the Queensland Government is moving on advertising standards in a recently announced 'Advertising Overhaul'.  There are some clear improvements we can help draw attention to.

Advertising Overhaul - The Gaps...The Dangers:
Whilst this “radical overhaul” by our state government seeks to ban junk food advertising, it continues to overlook the years of inquiries, research, and evidence that establishes the damage to our children’s health caused by sexually explicit ads. From Academics to Practitioners and even The Australian Medical Association, there have been repeated calls on the government to crack down on sexually explicit ads. More and more evidence is being presented that there is a connection between a sexualized environment and harms to children including body image dissatisfaction, eating disorders, unwanted sexual encounters, low self-esteem, and even poorer academic performance, depression, and anxiety.

For our children's sake, we must do better.

Let's join together and petition the Parliament so that we can prevent children from all the harms that flow from a hyper-sexualised culture. No one wants their kids struggling with body image dissatisfaction, eating disorders, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

Parents can monitor what their children see in their own home but are powerless to protect them from public advertising.

For more information on advertising standards please visit the Centre for Human Dignity's call for advertising standards reform page.

8,000 signatures needed

Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House that the Queensland Government recently announced a radical overhaul on junk food advertising. They intend phasing it out around schools, sports grounds, and public transport hubs to ensure that advertising in these public spaces is in the best interests of children. There is strong evidence, supported by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and Australian Psychological Society (APS) that exposure to sexualised images is also detrimental to child health, mental health, and psychological development. According to the Australian Association of National Advertisers Code for Advertising and Marketing Communications to Children, advertising directed towards children must not employ sexual appeal and or include sexual imagery. This is in line with community standards in recognition that sexual advertising is harmful to children, can generate increased sexism, increased rates of sexual harassment and sexual violence. 

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to include sexually inappropriate advertising in the Government's planned phasing out of junk food advertising around schools, sports grounds and public transport hubs in line with the guidelines for what is unacceptable for children clearly identified by the Australian Association of National Advertisers Code for Advertising and Marketing Communications to Children. These guidelines are in recognition of prevailing community standards. Schools, sporting fields and transport hubs should be safe zones for children, free from the negative effect of junk food advertising as well as inappropriate exposure to sexualised images and themes which impacts children and young people in many areas of their lives.

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