Your action today will help stop trafficking!

The South Australian Greens want prostitution institutionalised in South Australia, so much so that their first priority for the Legislative Council (the Upper House of the SA Parliament) was to introduce their Statutes Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work) Bill 2018

The Bill proposes a complete overhaul of prostitution regulation in SA.

If passed, there will be no controls over prostitution at all. Street prostitution will be legal everywhere - any street at any time will be completely legal, in front of schools, churches, restaurants, sporting venues, absolutely anywhere.

Brothels will be able to operate practically anywhere with only limited zoning requirements.

Advertising will be fully permitted, again at any time and anywhere.

This Bill is completely regressive in how it treats women and regulates prostitution, it is anti-women and will only lead to an increase in sex trafficking.

We know that prostitution drives human trafficking.1

“If prostitution is a free choice, why are the women with the fewest choices most often found doing it”

Catherine A McKinnon, Professor in law at Harvard and Michigan University 

This Bill is outdated legislation and should be rejected by the Parliament.

Please take a moment today, use the action box below and ask your Member of the Legislative Council to vote against this Bill today.

Consider the following in your email:

  • Allowing prostitution to flourish everywhere doesn't help those who are prostituted.
  • We now know a lot about the drives for human trafficking and it is clear that an unregulated prostitution industry means more women will be trafficked into forced prostitution.
  • Prostitution is inherently degrading to a person’s dignity because it involves the selling of one’s body for another person’s sexual gratification.
  • Prostitution is incongruent with a society that values all persons as having equal dignity with a right to freedom from exploitation.
  • There is a proven approach to prostitution which helps women and reduces trafficking - it is called the Nordic Approach and it criminalises the one who holds the power, the buyer, and it provides support for the prostituted to leave the trade.

Important information:

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    2. ALWAYS be respectful and concise.
    3. Your email will sent to Members of the Legislative Council who currently are likely to vote for the Bill.