A picture of a young daughter being carried on her Father’s shoulders through a crowd usually brings a smile to anyone’s face.


Except when that child is at one of the most sexually explicit events in the Australian calendar, surrounded by a sea of gyrating, half-naked bodies in sexual poses.

Children do not thrive in sexually explicit entertainment.

Parents have a responsibility to shield their children from explicitly adult concepts.

This is why when earlier this week I saw the picture Hon Bill Shorten MP shared on his facebook, I was shocked.

Mr Shorten described the Mardi Gras as a ‘hell’ of a party, one which he took his young daughter to.

Every child deserves a childhood free from sexually explicit entertainment.

Research shows that exposure to such explicit adult ‘entertainment’ threatens their innocence.

The example of parents subjecting their children to these scenes is breathtakingly shocking.

It is one thing for an adult to choose to attend adult entertainment. It is another thing altogether to expose young children to imagery and concepts we know are detrimental to young minds.

My hope, especially for our national leaders is for them not to lead us down the desensitisation path where sexually explicit entertainment becomes the norm and children are exposed to detrimental scenes, but that we all embrace the innocence of childhood and protect all our young ones to grow and mature fully.