In a continuation of a disturbing pattern of adult concepts being not only allowed, but promoted, the Westfield Sydney shopping centre are hosting their first drag show in Pitt Street Mall at midday on Friday. A non-ticketed event in a busy public space does not allow anyone walking in that area to avoid what is expected to be a highly sexualised adult entertainment event.

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Anyone who opposes the pornification of our culture finds this type of sexualisation to incredibly saddening, whether in a grocery store, in advertising or now in one of Australia’s most popular and busy public malls. It has become increasingly difficult, if not absolutely impossible, to live a life free from pornographic concepts and imagery. And one of the pornification advocates looks to be Westfield Shopping Centre – a place where family should feel safe and free from unsolicited sexualization. Their advertisement for the event cannot be described as anything but sexually explicit.

Our children should be protected from the incessant sexual exposure that corporates and the porn industry perpetuate.  They are not simply consumers, they are precious young children who need time to form their own minds and we must allow them to grow to maturity before subjecting them with adult concepts.

When did we decide it was ok for them to participate in adult entertainment? It is an absolute disgrace, particularly in light of the mounting evidence that exposure to pornography is detrimental to their health and wellbeing.

Parents still want the right to protect their children from adult sexual concepts and pornography. Children are not developmentally ready for this highly sexual content, and nor should they have to be.

When a mega business like Westfield treat our children’s innocence with such disdain, parents around the country feel alone and isolated in their concerns. But my message to every parent who is reading this is YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is a growing movement of concerned citizens and activists who are refusing to sit back while places like Westfield sexualize our children through their advertising and now, their public drag show.  It’s degrading and they should reconsider their promoting priorities, especially given the number of parents who shop there.

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For more information the event site is - Westfield's Life a Drag! Free Drag Show