Westfield parades adult entertainment in public spaces which should be family friendly despite thousands of complaints.

Whilst media would have some people believe the ACL were the only ones to be concerned over Westfield Shopping Centre’s overt promotion of adult entertainment at midday in one of Australia’s most highly populated public malls, this is fake news.

Thousands of Australians responded with their deep concern by sending the below email to Scentre Group, the company that runs Westfield centres in Australia.


“As a regular shopper at Westfield, I respectfully disagree with your company's decision to sponsor a public parade that promotes sexualised adult concepts during lunch time in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall.

Your commitment to Westfield Sydney's first drag show is deeply concerning.

Our children need the time and space to form their own minds and we must allow them to grow to maturity before subjecting them to sexual concepts and adult entertainment, particularly in light of the mounting evidence that exposure to sexual material is detrimental to their health and well-being. We should be dedicated to protecting children’s innocence in public places, not spoiling it.

I humbly request that Westfield prioritises the promotion of children’s innocence above that of further sexualising society with adult entertainment events.”


Unfortunately it would seem the board of Westfield have completely ignored these concerns.

For years Westfield have stood by whilst stores break Advertising Standards rulings on advertisements in their centre. They have now stepped over from allowing sexualised advertising to become promoters of adult entertainment in public spaces where our children should be safe.

Westfield no longer attempts to be a family friendly shopping centre.

Rather they have said publicly that they are celebrating Sydney’s ‘true colours’ as they parade sexually explicit, adult entertainers through the mall in Sydney.