It’s time to stand together to stop those exploiting sexuality, stealing people’s dignity and self-worth


You can’t help but see that sexual exploitation is growing like a cancer all around us. It’s eating away at the very fabric of our society and robbing people of the dignity and self-worth of who God created them to be.

Frankly, we’ve seen enough. It’s time to unite together against …

  • Pornography
  • Prostitution
  • Sexualised advertising, especially that which affects women and children
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex trafficking … and more

 That’s why our goal is simple: to safeguard our children’s innocence, and to ensure rights and freedom for the most vulnerable by standing up against all forms of sexual exploitation.


Together with you, we want to take down the things that none of us want to see.

Like you, we’re determined to disempower the industry and individuals who are intent on eroding the dignity and values of men, women, and children across our nation.

ACL’s Centre for Human Dignity
United against sexual exploitation. Because we’ve all seen enough.

Who is the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL)

ACL is Australia’s Christian voice for values, a grassroots movement that represents thousands of people seeking a more just and compassionate society.

With a proven track record for effecting change, and an established voice in our parliaments, law courts, and the media, ACL’s Centre for Human Dignity will focus its efforts to fight against sexual exploitation. And that’s because of what we believe: that at the centre of every human being is a desire and a right to live with dignity.

What makes ACL’s Centre for Human Dignity so different?

It’s the only organisation of its kind that is expressly Christian – and one that directly lobbies government to enable legitimate change.

ACL’s goal is to unite Christians, political leaders, social justice advocates, mums and dads, educators, and young people to take a clear and definite stand against sexual exploitation. The Centre will do this by focusing on education, research, advocacy, and political lobbying.