Event Cinemas and Village Cinemas should follow Cineplex’s lead and cancel the release of the new talking dog movie ‘Show Dogs’ from their school holiday movie line-up.

Cineplex cancelled the movie less than 24 hours after the ACL’s Centre for Human Dignity called on parents to voice their concerns about the thinly veiled child grooming themes that appear throughout the movie.

Centre for Human Dignity director Wendy Francis said parents would be pleased that Cineplex had put the wellbeing of children ahead of profits.

“The underlying storyline throughout this disturbing film is that sometimes you just have to submit to having your private parts touched in order to get where you want to get,” Mrs Francis said.

“Sounds very similar to women submitting, albeit unwillingly, to being groped by powerful men in order to get the role #MeToo. Except this is a child’s movie.

“The Centre for Human Dignity asks all concerned parents, teachers and community leaders to write to the theatres that are still showing this movie, urging them to pull the movie from their July line-up,” Mrs Francis said.

It is disappointing that this movie is targeted at children. We are also asking people to join us in writing to the Federal Minister overseeing Classification Australia, calling on him to have the film classified “M” for Mature Audiences due to the disturbing messaging contained in the film.”

The Centre for Human Dignity encourages parents not to take their children to the movie, when it is due for release during the July school holidays.

For further information: http://www.centreforhumandignity.org.au/cross_this_one_off_your_movie_list